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Welcome in Uniderm USA

Uniderm Farmaceutici was established in Italy in 1975, as a family-owned business, and recently opened its new base in the States.
 Researching and developing highly innovative niche products has always been Uniderm’s main goal. One of the very first formulations derived from coconut oil with acid pH, which are still present in many Uniderm products. The groundbreaking innovation of this discovery made Uniderm a market leader in Italy.

Complete customer satisfaction and improving everyone’s life quality through Uniderm products is its mission.

The company pays very special attention to the selection of raw materials and active ingredients contained in its formulations. Exploration of new markets and the establishment of partnerships are just some key aspects of Uniderm’s definition of growth.

Lubrigyn (Lotion, Cream, Wipes) is the first line of products to be sold in the United States nationwide, in stores and through online retailers.


Lubrigyn. Gynecologically Tested. Women Approved.



Lubrigyn Wipes


Lubrigyn Lotion


Lubrigyn Cream

Lubrigyn Wipes

For your intimate care on-the-go

Lubrigyn Lotion

For your daily intimate wash

Lubrigyn Cream

For your intimate skin and pleasure

Italian family business

About Us

Uniderm is a family-owned business, but it is also a female business too. More than 70% of the company is composed of women, and all the top management is made made up of women. That’s why the company is so strictly linked to the feminine products.

The Uniderm USA office is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Quality

    Special care to top quality raw materials and particular attention to details and design.

  • Technology

    Advanced medical technologies and procedures used to make innovative cosmetic products..

  • Women

    More than 70% of the company is women and all top management are women.

  • International

    Uniderm distributes throughout Italy, Germany, Spain, Greece, the United States, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

What others say about us

Dr. Michael Krychman

Uniderm, is a company committed to excellence and professionalism- they hand measure ingredients in a precise fashion. This company is dedicated to producing high quality products with carefully selected ingredients. The Lubrigyn Cream and Cleansing Lotion are integral products for women throughout their life and I often recommend them for my patients. These high-quality products are also affordable and can be easily incorporated into every woman’s daily regimen.

Dr. Michael KrychmanSexual Medicine Expert
Dr. Alyssa Dweck
Outstanding company, fabulous products, remarkable people. Uniderm is an international company with a professional warm feel that genuinely cares about high quality ingredients and invests in research and development, I always recommend their products to my patients.
Dr. Alyssa DweckMS MD FACOG

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